Frequently Asked Questions

Why order a pub quiz from Q2?

At Q2, we want to deliver pleasurable pub quiz experiences. This means that we want to take away as much of the trouble of organising a pub quiz by delivering ready to play quizzes. Our quizzes can also be adjusted to fit your needs, just tell us which themes and difficulty are needed. We do our work with care and precision which results in unique quizzes, a guarantee for a couple of hours of competition, enthusiasm, some eureka moments but must of all: fun.

Do you want a pub quiz with varied questions and different themes? We have a new pub quiz every week. Try our pub quiz now with our 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee. No difficult subscriptions are needed, get the quiz when you need it. All this for the low price of €19.99 ex. VAT. So, don’t hesitate and order our pub quiz now!

What to expect from our pub quiz?

Our standard pub quiz consists of 80 questions divided over 8 rounds of 10 questions each. We start our pub quiz with a picture round, this round always has a certain theme to which all the pictures are linked. This round is followed by four open questions general knowledge rounds. These rounds cover a broad range of topics like sport, science, art, history, geography, music, entertainment and more. Then there is a music round, with songs linked to a specific theme. This round is followed by two more general question rounds. The total package includes the questions, answers, picture rounds, answer sheets, score sheets and an evaluation.

Do you have quizzes around a specific theme?

Do you need a quiz with a specific theme, at the moment we have more than 10 standard theme quizzes to choose from in our webshop. Our standard theme quizzes start from only €4.99! The standard theme quiz consists of 50 questions divided over 5 rounds. The first round is a picture round and round four is generally a music round. The other three rounds are general open question rounds. All questions are related to the chosen theme. If you want something else, that’s also possible, just let us know and we’ll arrange a quiz to fit your specific needs.

Can you make us a custom quiz?

Organising an office party and want to do something different? Try one of our Theme Quizzes or contact us to order a tailormade quiz. Go head to head against your co-workers, get to know them better and have fun at the same time. Want to show a bachelor or bachelorette that they’re not all that? Let them test their knowledge with one of our quizzes. A bachelor party gets a little bit more competitive this way. Order one of our Theme Quizzes or ask us to make a custom quiz. Looking for entertainment for a family gathering, a weekend with friends, a party or something else, choose one of our quizzes to liven up the occasion. Our quizzes are fun for all ages and cover many topics, so nobody feels left out. Order, download and try it now!