About us

Welcome at Q2! We are a company of young dedicated people from different backgrounds who all bring their unique knowledge into the company. This helps us a let when we go out to quiz. All this quiz experience puts us in a great position to know what makes a good quiz.    

The variety of themes, background and types of questions, a good amount of questions which should be answerable by the average user, but also some difficult questions so people are able to make a difference.  Teams needs to be challenged to work together and not simple state some facts. This combined with our personal touch, should make each quiz feel special.   We currently have a database with over 100,000 questions. This enables us to deliver unique quizzes every time. Combined with the latest database technology, we are capable to match every quiz to the level and wishes of our customers.    

In the meantime, we keep this database updated and growing constantly. We are doing everything to make sure our questions are more fun and a bigger challenge than elsewhere.  Your satisfaction and feedback are of the uttermost importance to us. Visit our webshop to see what we have on offer.